Majlis Diskusi Hala Tuju



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  1. Sherlyn says:

    Artlices like this make life so much simpler.

  2. Brad,why do you even bother reviewing movies that you know your not gonna like? Why do you encourage others who will not like it to take friends and make fun of it! Just don’t go! These movies are not for people like you.Yes,I saw the movie. Yes I am a fan of the books and even the movies. As a fan I will say that this installment is the best of the four movies! Bill Condon kicked this in the ass! Go back to your oh so typical bashing!

  3. Robotu de Serviciu,ai selectat numai ce ti-a convenit. Partea cu busola ai lasat-o deoparte. Pe mine are cine sa ma indrepte daca cad in inselare, dar voi va incredeti numai in voi insiva. Si ma indoiesc ca sunt sportivi adevarati care facand numai ce vor pot sa faca performanta. In orice stiinta exista ideea de initiere de la cei mai mari decat tine. Insasi natura prevede invatarea de la cei mai mari, puiul invata de la mama sa vaneze, cu atat mai mult noi oamenii. Nu stiu cum poti sa te increzi numai in tine si sa ajungi departe…

  4. The problem is that Republicans offer absolutely no indication that they'd do anything courageous about affirmative action. Bush certainly didn't.If either party would actually take a stand on AA, Asians would flock to their banner. Too bad everyone's terrified of the blowback from the scary NYT. Since there would be no substantial policy difference between the Dems and the Pubbies, why not vote for the group with all the fellow college educated people?

  5. http://www./ says:

    Thanks A LOT for this. I was dying to see the palette ever since I saw a preview from Too Faced on Twitter, I LOVE these palettes!They look thinner now, I hope they really are!Marina recently posted …

  6. Ciao Sabrine questo tuo clafoutis dovrò provarlo al più presto ;DPer Nonna Papera credo anch'io che il mio nome le sarebbe piaciuto ;D..Ho adeguato il titolo per il tuo contest e spero sia ok. Ti ringrazio per aver accettato di inserirla anche se all'ultimo minuto. Un grazie e un bacio. A prestooo!!

  7. Jogo fraco e displicente do Benfica. Chorrilo de passes falhados, jogadas confusas e inconsequentes. Não são exibições destas que trazem mais gente ao estádio. Mas, ok, o principal objectivo foi cumprido.

  8. I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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