MURSHID Background

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Today, many Shariah scholars who have sublimely to deliver Islam knowledge. Their presentation which attracts people who have been resulted. People are more tend to learn Islam knowledge in a purely and serious situation. People are more attracted to watch religious programmes on television until the providers extend airtime slot. Airtime slot has been extended simultaneously with the number of views escalating.

Moreover, many religious programmes on television and radio have been broadcast. It was giving to merrier of the well-known programmes as Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam (Islamic Forum) and Bicara Mufti (Mufti Talks). In addition, religion-themed book sales have been increasing rather than fiction books. Awareness of being more religious also assisted by a number of religious education institution from pre-school to the higher learning institution. Mosques also have been giving consistently to help education and awareness religion program.


Actually, a room of improvement is the need for dakwah. It is better for the scholars to meet for exchanging point and advice privately. People need scholars who unite with each other and supporting each other. Nowadays, people also need scholars who can connect easily with each other to gain knowledge and disseminate information without confusion.

Ustaz Dr. Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman, one of well-known scholars have been join a meeting with the student of Dr. Yusuf al Qaradawi. During the meeting, they are endorsed to create an organization. That organization objective is to endorse moderate message to people in their own country.

One crucial step to creating an organization is to draw near and unite all Muslim scholar in a country. Ustaz Dr. Zaharuddin challenged himself to contact a number of Muslim scholars in Malaysia. The meeting has been held although critic faced.

This scholar group is not supporting any Malaysian political party. This group also not represent any non-government organization in Malaysia. Official opinion of this group is independent and based on knowledge. Even though, if any similarity has occurred with any organization or individual, it was based on knowledge evaluation and not based on membership from other organization.


This group have been named as Multaqa Asatizah dan Du’at and simply known as MURSHID. MURSHID agree based on a resolution which this group is meeting point of Muslim scholar who want best to the people. This group also endorse to teach people avoid any labelling people easily.

MURSHID also endorse people to focusing on issues uniting them and avoid any issues that may disunite them. This meeting is stand on ‘Wasatiyyah’ faction which bring meaning moderate and tolerant about approaches but strict and stick on principles.

Hopefully MURSHID way is simplifies by Allah SWT and kept away from any challenges. May the kindness to all be give through His permission.

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